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A+W NZ at Auckland Build Expo 2017

1 November 2017

The A+W NZ / SGA Motu Kaikoura Building Workshop team presented a Workshop session at the Auckland Build Expo Ltd 2017 on Thursday, 2 November 2017 at 10:50am. Despite the unfortunate programming which saw a concurrent NAWIC panel event discussing the growing role of women in construction, there was a good turnout at the A+W NZ / SGA presentation, and the team of 8 out of the 16 workshop participants spoke about their experiences in 'construction education.' What was most clear from thier talks was the passion they all have for the project, their gratitude for the generous guidance of Dave Strachan, and the strong new friendships they have forged.

A big thank you to presenters Aish Basrur, Gaynor Eade, Katie Corner, Terese Fitzgerald, Pip Newman, Krupa Patel and Jane Waldegrave, and to Yenegh Badimayalew for putting together the very slick visual presentation.



The A+W NZ / SGA Motu Kaikoura Building Workshop team are presenting at the Auckland Build Expo Ltd 2017.

When:  Thursday 2 November 2017,  10:50am, Workshop 2

Where: ASB Showground, Epsom, Auckland

Cost:  Free

Come along and hear the team discuss how learning how to build has affected the way they design and document their own buildings, as well as their increased respect for builders!

Thanks to the wisdom and patience of Dave Strachan and the rest of the SGA and Crate crew, the workshop participants have received an excellent construction education, and the Motu Kaikoura Trust is going to have a new building to replace their research hut destroyed by fire in 2013. For more information on this prefabrication building workshop, and all the sponsors who have enabled it to happen, see the A+W NZ website page. To donate to the Motu Kaikoura Trust, see their give-a-little page.