Omaima Altaee

Architectural Designer
British UKML company

Architect at British UKML company , Iraq . B.Sc in Architecture engineering 2016 / Babylon university. She has won from top five architectural projects in International DAF Awards competition 2016 among more than 624 international entries and has nominated to the final in International A Design Award . She has written essays about Back away to the heritage & Al-Mousel city and its rebuilding . She has taken part in International and local exhibition about Architecture , Calligraphy and drawings in addition to her taking part in International conferences . Now , She wok with UNDP / Innovation for Development about her project for treatment "The Urban deformation in Iraq " .

Project Title
The Story Of Babylonian Civilization
The Story of Babylonian Civilization is a graduation project of Iraqi Architect Omaima Altaee that has won special mention ( 4th place ) from more than 624 international entries from world wide in international DAF Awards competition and has nominateded in international A Design Award . It is a monumental memorial project glorifies the history of Babylonian civilization , at the same time seeks to promote the back to heritage and its necessity in the consciousness of this generation, who grew away from his or her civilization and create a continuing intellectual and social with each other. The project is a witness on the Ancient Babylonian civilization that narrate it to each visitors. The Ancient Babylon city (Babylon effects) is shrine to visitors from all the world without the presence of a minimum services , this projectis to cover the needs of visitors ( cultural and entertainment ) . The project starts with an outdoor interaction platform (The Mastaba) for gathering people at the roof of three floor layers for the three eras of Ancient Babylon). Visitors can move among these parts respectively using stairs and ramps. A great panoramic and hollow pair wall extend smoothly and wavy across a series of museums and galleries in different walking levels. Visitors can enjoy their journey within the real past life. The site is remarked with a huge square-shape tower that define different kinds of cuneiform statements and expressions, which reflects the oldest rules and legislations in the world, of Hammurabi Obelisk. The amphitheatre nature of the project continue again according to a hierarchy matching the rhythm of subdivisions. A stream water canal lead the way ahead in this historical journey around the circular theatre returning back toward (The Mastaba).