Emma Alcock

NZ Registered Architect practicing
New Zealand
McKenzie Higham Architecture

Project Title
Gladstone House
A compact house in the country giving a city family a space to unwind. There are two bedrooms, a living / dining / kitchen space and bathrooms and utility spaces to suit the rural environment. The house is open to its surroundings and allows views that change with the seasons across a stream to vineyards, willows and fields with occasional livestock. Winter sun warms the concrete floor and streams into the house. Local trees fuel the wood burner and rainwater is collected for on-site use. The design works as a standalone holiday house or as the first stage in a larger permanent home (complete with solar panels).The simple forms fit with local farm shed structures. The materials (concrete, cedar weatherboard, corrugated steel) are straightforward, warm and familiar.
Year of Completion
Design and Project Architect